Smartphone Dash Cam Apps

Owing to technological advancement, it is currently possible to transform your smartphone into a dash cam. In addition to saving you money, the phone provides all the fundamental functionalities of a dash cam. However, you will have to invest in a phone holder in which the gadget will be placed during usage.

Currently, all leading Apo stores are flooded with numerous dash cam apps. Evaluating all the choices one-by-one is a tedious process, which is why we compiled a list of the most impressive applications.


This app comes in two versions, free and paid. The lack of promoting banners in the free version was impressive as well as surprising, as that is uncharacteristic of freebies. AutoGuard has the capability of running in the background, a feature that enhances the discreetness of the dash cam.
Unlike other dash cam apps, AutoGuard does not require setting up every time it us ran. Rather, it automatically starts recording the moment the smartphone is attached to the car dock.

DailyRoads Voyager

The default settings of this model include an adjustable loop recorder. All the user has to do is to set the maximum number of minutes per video. It also allows the consumer to specify the amount of storage set aside for the recordings, which once depleted, older files will be overwritten.

Using your phone’s GPS and G-Sensor, this app can detect impacts just as a normal dash cam. Even better, the user can adjust the amount of impact required to activate automated recording.


CaroO comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is valid for 100 uses only, after which one has to either upgrade to premium or delete the application. The app packs up fully-fledged dash cam features, such as impact detection and GPS tagging.

OBD2 support is perhaps the most outstanding spec on this application. If paired with compatible devices, it can be used to perform monitoring, diagnosis, and many others.


If you want a free for life app, this is your best bet. Additionally, if you register the app, you are given 2 GB of cloud storage space. Similar to most dash cams, CamOnRoad has the location tagging capability, thanks to the GPS feature. On top of this, this model has an integrated navigational system, a specification that enabkes the dash cam to give directions in addition to the location.